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Massage Therapists

Massage can be a powerful tool for your health, happiness and well-being – from easing aches and pains from a hard days work to anxiety, depression, and chronic pain from injury or over use. Find out about the practical benefits of bodywork – and whats in it for you.

Sunshine Factory Studio, Hand Massage Treatment
Sunshine Factory Studio - Finding Balance

Massage, Stretches, Energy and More…

Massage is only one way we are trained in helping you in maintaining a healthy well being. Our team will provide you with tools to encourage, strengthen and empower you in your healing and daily life. 


Therapeutic needs vary from person to person and from day to day.
Our therapist uses a combination of modality based on your needs.

Wellness Treatments

Energy Exchange


$85 / 1 Hour Appointment


$95 / 1 Hour Appointment

Energy Therapies

$95 / 1 Hour Appointment

Chair Massage

$40 / 30 Minute Appointment

Couples Massage

$170 / 1 Hour Appointment

Full Body Massage

$50 / 30 Minute Appointment

Group Rates

Call for details and pricing.

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